Learning how to freeline skate over the holiday break. Grab a pair on Amazon by clicking here and learn with me. *Bruises included!* 😛

I think I just stumbled upon my new favorite toy. Haven’t had this much fun since the snakeboard!!!



Looking forward to getting better on these things over the holidays. I’ve only fallen on my ass once so far!!! 🙂 It took me about an hour to start feeling somewhat comfortable with these things. Easier to start and get off than a snakeboard. If you have experience with a streeboard, pivotboard, or original snakeboard, you’ll have a leg up in the learning process. Once you get it, you’ll be able to carve as if you were snowboarding down a mountain.. and up, if you’re strong enough and the hill isn’t too steep.


I am not a skateboarder. Never have been. Never will be.


That’s the weird part about this whole thing for me. When I first tried a snakeboard, it took me weeks of practice before I started to get it… and probably months more before I started to become more proficient. So, just be sure you recognize that there may be quite a difficult learning curve for some people! I can only promise you that the effort will be worth it.



It’s just all about PLAY.