Depth of Gratitude

  The development of the mind, body, and soul is the very definition of our purpose. We build around ourselves all the added layers of distractions and creative excuses because…Read More

Start Self

Just Another Alien Story Hiding in the shadows, I pray that fear doesn’t find me. That’s all wrong. It’s all just part of today’s process… all part of the idea…Read More

Have Aim

This is my 500 for 3-12-2018 Relax your shoulders. Remember to breathe.   Operating on an empty stomach was probably not the best possible choice. Caught up in the motions…Read More

Faith In More For All

This is my 500 for 3/8/2018 I’m learning… leaning in to the temporary defeats.. the temporary failures.. temporary setbacks.. I rely heavily on the universe to guide me with each…Read More