This is my 500 for 1/24/2018

Moving slower today than I would have liked.. slower than I would have anticipated… but that’s ok because this is all part of the process.. even the time when I am stepping backward.


Bring up the lights.. turn down the noise. I’m wondering what it would be like to slip back into that dream again.. sky crashing.. the world collides.


I am wondering what it might feel like to push beyond the short-term goals.. the vision of a planet where we are connected in our passion to thrive.

We are meant for something so much more. We are meant to explore. To unite. This is not a politically motivated approach. This is not something that should ever be forced upon our neighbor.. but I understand the roadblocks that could stand in the way. Respect the friction.. learn from the people around you.. listen.. listen…


listen to the world utter the silent truths that complete us.


We are all in this together. This magical, temporary reality that we are watching as we play our part. We are in this together because there is actually no other way. It is not a matter of programming the brain a certain way, this is about searching for the self.. learning to pursue the answers in the self before we are able.. before we are capable of understanding our brothers and sister.

We are connected by so much more than we know.. and it is beautifully evolving.. this understanding that I am wishing to promote..


the more I excel at understanding the connections myself, the more capable I am at seeing them in the people around me..


I am tuned in to the energy.. listening to the right frequencies… with my ear to the ground… feeling the vibrations humming through the earth’s core.


We are nothing. And there is nothing.. it means nothing in the end.


So, why not explore with a little-lighthearted love and compassion. We have all the rest of eternity to rest in our blissful state of neutral lucidness. Connect now to the existence of the infinite. Because… well, because it just feels pretty good.. and it provides us with a little more balance in our day in, day out activities. Recognizing the connections we have motivates us to be a little more cognizant of the impacts that our actions will have on the world around us.. the universe around us.. from the largest to the most infinitesimally small parts of our atoms.. we are a bubbling cauldron of energy.. limitless potential energy.. waiting for the right recipe of thoughts to be mixed in at a moment’s notice.

Just keep going.. type away.. feel the weight of the keys .. lighter and lighter to the touch over time.. there is a calming in this experiment.. this exercise.. learning to release the ego.. release the pre-conceived notions that I might have stuck in my head.


Learn to be one with yourself.. Learn to live in your own mind… in peace.