When it doesn’t pay to reflect

This is my 500 for 2-28-2018

I’ve been doing it all wrong. But that’s ok.


Because the “how” and the “why” don’t really matter.

There is an understanding… but it is a distraction. When we know what it is we want… or the experience that we wish to have, it is essential that we go after it.. at all costs…. And when the momentum builds and the pages start to flip faster and faster… learning how it is happening is only a distraction…


understanding the methods behind this reality creates a friction…


I can’t emphasize that enough… it just doesn’t make sense to waste your time in the process of trying to understand why something is working… you just have to continue down the path with the faith in mind that what you wish for is already in your possession.. it is already deserving of your ultimate gratitude… because that is how much you believe that it is already yours…

An understanding of the reasons behind why the universe chooses to reward us is not a necessary hurdle to overcome… again, it is a distraction.. it only acts as entertainment.. and it challenges you more than you need to be challenged… like, creating additional obstacles for yourself… it doesn’t speed up the process but slows it down.

We may have a lot of time here on earth… or our time could be very limited… but time is a valuable and finite resource… for each individual.. we have to recognize that time spent on efficient acts is the right way to achieve and accomplish personal fulfilment.. putting aside distractions.. placing temptations away.. removing ourselves from the disruptive chatter.. we are like sponges walking along the beach… dipping our toes into the ocean will slow us down and prevent us from reaching our goals.. it is something that I have recently been reminded of… and I am just writing about it now because it is on the top of my mind… it is something that I have to be more conscious of… writing in these circles is my attempt to remain in an environment where I am hyper-focused on my personal goals and aspirations… recognizing that it is the best way for me to be able to help others recognize that they are capable of going after their own goals and aspirations as well..

So, this is a bit of an experiment.. but one that will last me a lifetime.. one that I will continue each day… placing myself in only optimal situations.. making conscious choices to not challenge that which doesn’t need to be challenged… being grateful for everything.. every. Thing.

There is a time to reflect… and it will be only after I have created an abundance of riches for myself.. the time to philosophize must be delayed.. because, again, it is just an entertaining distraction.. and it doesn’t serve me in obtaining that which I wish to obtain. Let’s see how this goes… it should be a pretty good time.. and I am already feeling better about the direction… I must maintain this self-discipline.


I must maintain my gratitude.


What is a goal that you are going after right now? How are you working to hyper-focus on your goals? Any tips are greatly appreciated. Check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ur9GR9Q_6Xc … that was the video that I listened to today that inspired me to write this post. I hope that you are able to gain something from it.

One thought on “When it doesn’t pay to reflect

  1. It takes a few hours in the beginning but it’s really not that hard. The hardest part for me was learning to be more consistent. I came to the realization that I wouldn’t actually post on my blog if I had to work on each post for more than 15 or 20 minutes each day… that meant that I had to figure out something that I could create and share that quickly. After taking a risk in being a little vulnerable in posting some daily freewrites, I sort of just added it to my daily to-do list…. and the consistency problem disappeared 🙂

    I would recommend grabbing your domain through GoDaddy and then just opening up a WordPress account through them with the most basic options and settings. Keep it simple and just post on the daily… learn to have fun with it regardless of whether or not you are getting the desired number of views and comments.

    Hope this helps! Just go for it!!!

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