Never forget your priorities

This is my 500 for 3-1-2018

Ask for what you want.


Do not be afraid of what it means.

Ask for that which you can visualize… visualize as having been provided you with the materials to help you live a larger life.

There are so many things that I am learning.


So many things that are not necessary for this journey…


I have to learn to focus my mind and my energies on the most important priorities… I continue to slip back… climbing this mud-spattered trail up the side of the mountain.

I am learning to let go. I am learning to be a better listener.. asking the questions that stimulate a larger conversation… a deeper connection.. a larger risk on both sides giving way to a greater understanding of the reality that surrounds us… because we have so much that we can learn from each other… there is no limit to what we can accomplish once we recognize that there are many things that are right next to us that only have to have a light shined upon it to bring it into reality.

What does that even mean? It’s not important.. the typing just has to continue.. the process just has to unfold as naturally as possible… closing my eyes and listening to the story… learning the words and studying the meaning..


absorbing the truths and pushing into the unknown.


Think what you want to think… you create the reality around you.. there is only health despite the appearance of disease.. we are all part of the infinite.. created in its image.. creating more as we manifest our thoughts into the physical world… the material plane.. it starts with a glimpse.. and it is created through a sustained belief that it is manifesting… that it is coming towards us.. giving gratitude for the things that find their way to us.. the experiences that are delivered… the laws are constant… the rules never change… and if they do, it’s probably not worth focusing on .. or any in-depth study.,.. at least not until later, once you have already attracted everything in your life that you need and want to move forward with a life of ultimate creation… we are living everything that we want and need at the moment…


this reality is blurring into the lives that we carry through the universe..


We are all made of the same substance.. the same infinite substance of love.. it is beautiful in becoming the love that we are composed of.. realizing the beauty .. recognizing it and giving gratitude for its existence… where it came from or where it is going is irrelevant… just giving thanks for the universe as it is and was and always will be… there is pure faith in this b3eliefe.. and it has long been a foreign concept to me.. but I am giving myself over to finding the truths that will deliver me to the riches that I seek.. the universe as I see it in my current reality.


We are lost until we are now.