Water Comes Apart

This is my 500 for 3-2-2018

This is what I am writing for the day. All wrapped up in a ball next to the fire.


I am not lost in this world because I don’t know what it feels like to be found. Practice… practice the things that I am preaching… speaking only what is true and authentic… seeking to be more honest with myself and the people I love… more honest with the people around me because I want to be larger than this body..

To grow beyond myself… to press through the wall of fear and the candy-infused distractions.. I am able to overcome this friction.. the hurdle.. the illusion of the wall that is in front of me…


I am past the concern of not having a place to call home when I am at home with myself.


I won’t seek things outside myself when I love myself for who I am… and fiercely fight to remind myself that I am enough.

We love each other for different reasons.. and we have to figure out our reasons why to being to be able to dig at the truth.. because our reasons for loving have to come from a place of altruism.. as much as possible.. a perfect love includes all the elements.. it is a constantly evolving world.. reflecting and projecting.. we grow when we shed ourselves of the layers that wrap around our minds.. the doorway dissolves into the infinite.. the bridge appears.. the waters part.. we are only in this game as this spark continues.

We are laughing at our old selves… wondering how we could have been so silly in the past.. but I am starting to look at it differently now.. I am starting to love the aspects that surrounded myself in the past… not a love of loss or fear of lack of embrace.. but a love of natural passing.. it created the people that we are today.. it created all of the good things that surround us in this reality..


I am so grateful that it brought me to you..


so grateful that it helped me to reach out my hand to the infinite.


We are practicing this process. Learning more about the connections that we are capable of making.. sometimes, requiring only the slightest effort.. we are surrounded by the most incredible of serendipitous situations when we are open and willing to entertain the idea… just reminding myself that the why and the how are not an essential element.. just continue down this path in faith.. that is being delivered to you.. an unwavering faith.. that is being delivered to you because it is already yours… you are growing in your mind and creating new ways to experience this reality.. giving gods the courage to love more and more. Giving courage to the unborn to seek greater fulfillment… standing on the shoulders of giants.. we are becoming the universe with each passing breath.. with each blink and passing thought.. we absorb the earth into our bones….and I am forever grateful.