Continual Gratitude – Continual Growth

This is my 500 for 3-3-2018

I am growing a little more each day in body and mind. Focused on the aspects of my life that I am continually grateful for and sensitive to the abundance of newly introduced influences that place a smile on my face.


There is a process that we are all a part of. It is something that binds us together in this life… a connection that is mentally vivid but completely invisible to the naked eye.

Control the process for yourself.. there is nothing more important than finding what it is that you are motivated to work for.. so many paths were tested in the process of arriving at the place on the hill that I stand today.. not sure of my exact location but recognizing that this is just the start… just the start of a greater improvement.. a greater sense of fulfillment.. and the opportunities are surrounding me.


My gratitude grows each day…


a reminder that I am moving in the right direction.. and it is not work.. it is a naturally evolving process that I am consistently thinking about because it is what makes me feel good. There is a formula that rings true for the universe.. and it is a formula that cannot be easily be explained.. only proven through display.. proven through the expression of the outcomes.. proven through the process of living the image that I wish to create.

Everything is unfolding at the pace that I wish for it to unfold… there are reasons why my thoughts and dreams may slow down attracting certain visions… the manifestation delays work in your favor.. checking yourself… not testing you.. but checking to make sure that you are really attracting everything that you are wanting to attract.


I am so grateful for this moment..


there are so many things in my life at this moment that make me feel incredible.. so many things in life that I want to move towards… and I am taking action to continue on that path.. it is welcoming… although, not without its friction.. not without its hurdles and challenges.… I remind myself that it is the right path for me when I check in with myself at the end of the day… and I turn the page to work on the manifestation of an efficiently manifested tomorrow.

We are actively becoming all of our thoughts.. and our actions are the steps that we take to ensure the receipt of the material good or the experience. It doesn’t matter what we are thinking.. we are all creative beings.. we are all actively creating… and


we have just as much power to create creation as we have to create destruction.


I am so looking forward to spending time with you today, Mari. Your smile and your aura take my breath away.. all I want to do is witness you becoming the beautiful woman that you already are… pushing yourself each day inspires me to reach further and I am forever grateful that I met you so long ago