Have Aim

This is my 500 for 3-12-2018

Relax your shoulders. Remember to breathe.


Operating on an empty stomach was probably not the best possible choice. Caught up in the motions but the motion is goal oriented. I have to learn to move more out of my comfort zone. I have to learn to push myself further.

Watching the stars wrap around the earth. Life is flashing in front of our eyes. We blink and we are transported to another destination. The wasted energy of forgotten temptations… a temporary pause… a mistake.


We become stranded in the empty motions… a self-perpetual cycle.

I have to press into the darkness. I have to learn to release my mind.


We are creating the barriers that don’t exist. The energy spent on imagination is finite. We don’t have to place our energy on anything in particular… we are just kids wandering in a candy store… overwhelmed by the color… the anticipation of the sugar rush… the passion in the moment… the gut the pushes us over the edge.

We consume life in very much the same way. We learn what is right and what is healthy but we are faced with the need to remain in a state of near tunnel-vision, else we become distracted from our purpose. We become distracted and forget the potential depth of our gratitude. Circle back. Take pause.

We are allowed to make mistakes. They are almost encouraged.


We practice interpreting infinity. We learn that the aim is the essential practice.


Maybe we’re not meant to reach out beyond our vision… but then who makes the vision beyond our reach. We are the tree that falls alone in the forest. We are the spaceman that takes his last breath on a foreign planet.


We will never be alone in the universe.


We catch ourselves as we fall into the void. We are stranded by our thoughts alone. Pressing past the discomfort we are reminded that life is meant to be experienced as much as possible. It is through the desire and attainment of greater and greater experiences that we continue to live… it is what makes us human… it is what breathes life into future generations… it is what creates the depth of my gratitude.

We are swirling in the galaxy… tumbling through space in a cloud of stars. It is magical to interpret the universe. It becomes truth in our search for meaning.


I’m still not sure where all this is going.


I’m still not sure that I am finding any sense of meaning. Staying focused on the vision that is painted… focused on the world that is balanced in my present… seeing everything in the greatest possible detail… tempted to hash out more and more details.

The digging must continue, else I shrivel up and die. I wish for more life to all. I wish for more experiences of love and positivity. I have to become the master of my own mind. I have to be a mastermind in my own reality. Maintaining the focus on the distant star that drives me forward… and I am only feeling more and more consumed by gratitude.

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