When Words Collide

This is my 500 for 3-13-2018

I’m learning to focus my attention on the things that really matter.



Back with pen in hand, listening to the first drops of rain dance on the concrete patio…


Slow your mind and the thoughts that swim inside… there is an electric buzz that flashes brighter than a Vegas slot machine and I’m here to dim the lights. The brightest stars still struggle to reach our cities but they are still there, moving towards discovery. We expand and contract various parts of our own, unique personalities…


We are the windows that shield the mind from the rawness of the elements that stray from order.


We gaze upon the past. Times of comfort generating nostalgia… altering our memories to shield us from degeneration and apathy. It works effectively. It creates the perception of a brighter now… adding to our assets… our personal list of strengths. I’m grateful that we have the ability to embellish that which neglects love because the pain no longer serves the individual.

All we have is a mutual awareness. Forming creative thoughts… generating love for abundance in all areas of our lives… compounding our faith and shared expectations.

We envision these moments with absolute clarity… visualizing our experiences, our evolution, our direction and ultimate destinations… we go where we tell ourselves to go… the universe is not cruel or kind… brave or afraid… the universe just IS…

The perception… the label… they are the tags that generate individual meaning… and we are here to interpret, analyze and constantly create in its wake.


We spend our lives wrestling with the idea of holding on to the reigns but the fear of control often causes us to release our grip on the truth that we are Gods… we relinquish command of the creative process because we fear…


We fear what we are capable of… we fear being stripped of our excuses… we fear judgment because we are blind to the concept that we, alone, judge ourselves… maybe we are just afraid that the power will reveal more than we wish to know about ourselves, so we fall back on the competitive plane in a scramble to accumulate riches for purely selfish desires.

It is simple becoming. And it is frightening just the same. Strange universes springing in and out of existence… lives blinking from one moment to the next… we are machines that are meant to interpret the experience…


We are humans meant to understand that we have absolute control over the mind that powers the infinite.


We are cradled by the physical body that has been rented out to us on a temporary basis. Just remember to breathe… remember that we are all in this thing called life… together. I practice empathy, love, and compassion… because I am learning that we are family… we are.

As I catch myself drifting, I reach to grab hold of the floor as the ground slips away… lost in the darkness, I’m not ready to be swallowed up by the void… not ready to walk towards the softly glowing orb of warmth. But that’s ok. Because I can pull myself up again… and I can reach out to grab hold of my compass… with a direction in mind, all is possible… I set course for the brightly glowing magnet off in the distance and look over my shoulder to see my family along for the ride…

Seeing your eyes… your hand grabs a hold of mine and we instantly become weightless… instantly have control of our lives… and we dream together with a smile on our faces… because we know we’ll be there the next time we open our eyes… still holding hands… still sharing this amazing experience… still creating and laughing and pushing out new plans.

I’m just so happy I met you… it’s as if it were always meant to be… and now I face the challenge of living up to the person that I promised myself I’d be. The needle never shifted, even though I often perceived it to waver… it has always been the only thing in life that has remained absolutely perfect… as if it were all a dream.

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