Push Shove


This is where the rubber meets the road… where the ink from this pen flows… where the fields of green offer my best chance of an escape.

Learning from my mistakes is the only way for me to improve. A victory from the chair motivates us to stay in our seat.


All I can think about is pizza right now. I must be stressed. And hungry.

Feeling the blood drain from my toes and fingertips… sitting here, motionless… aching for the next steps to unfold and I’m only just learning how to listen.

I must learn to respect the process… to remain in the way of increase to all… generating an ideal in my own life in an effort to be the best version of myself along the way.

Focused on efficient action tied to love, compassion, and positive, personal-goal-oriented developments… I can smell the moments hinting at events that are to unfold in the future… I am drawn towards a greater realization of my visions… spanning snow-covered mountain ranges… keeping me on track with the scent of a fresh rain.

Water runs… it is life… it is always moving… it can be slowed… but, once thawed, it will continue its journey back to the sky above… we are a single molecule… becoming larger versions of ourselves through our endless combinations… becoming greater than the individual…


We are only stranded in our thoughts when we pull our hand away in anger.


I’m still learning to listen, with the hope that I will be able to empathize with others… to offer my support… and to cultivate my own voice in the process.


I’m carving out a stone wheel from a large stone block… being careful to keep the sides as even as possible. Carving out my story on the face along the way… a low, gentle, outward spiral… not without its fair share of dents and jagged edges… we call this character, or so I’m told.

I’ve learned to stand after a defeat so many times… these are my greatest victories. I only hope that I have the opportunity to work to stand again after a large number of additional defeats in the future.

Because I know I’m ready to pick the fights where the odds appear stacked against me.

Feeling like the most ambitious version of myself right now… I must be careful to remain patient… practice gratitude… learn through experience… breathe the life I wish to create in this reality.

I am so grateful for these opportunities… so grateful for the chances that have been afforded to me. It is a dream and I am awake.


Let’s try to have some fun dancing together in the dark in the middle of a moonlit forest as the fire rages on and we forget about the other time.


I wonder what goes on behind closed doors when the best thing I can do is build out my own home… to get rich through the process of creation.


There is no limit to what humanity can accomplish… there is no limit to how far we can travel… no limit to how deep we can look.


We are alive, so let’s have some fun playing the part.


I love you so much. Thank you for reading this. I appreciate you.