Practice Gratitude Witness Manifestation

This is my 500 for 3-9-2018

Your thoughts are the most powerful tool you have in your arsenal.


We are manifesting each moment… from one to the next… nothing has been created that wasn’t thought of first and visualized in absolute perfection at some point in time.

We can sit and listen… learning from the vibrations of the earth about the future that we have in store… but this is nothing more than entertainment… and it should be treated as such… the moment that we live in requires us to be focused and as determined to be efficient as possible.

There are different strategies that we may employ.. possible an infinite number of approaches.. because I see no reason why it should be limited… and I have never seen anything that might suggest that it is.

There is some, subtle, effort or action that may be required of us… but it is important to keep in mind that it is rarely a large step or a massive move that the universe is depending on you to make… it is more important that we are efficient in the day.. that we take the next step that we see in front of us… because it is likely that we are to increase our position by extending our current position out beyond what we once thought possible.


Cultivate gratitude.. cultivate the growth of an existing position… holding on to the idea that you are creating value that provides more life to all in the process.


Holding to the truth that we are to find our next stage in life only once we grow beyond the space that is currently available for us in our existing position… the universe will have to deliver you to the next level once you have taken the initiative to grow beyond your space.

Space will be created for you from the formless.. the progress created, with your own efficient actions, will be manifested from nothing, if nothing is readily available for you.

We are what we focus on the most. We create everything in this life… repeating words and continuing to take another step each day… small steps over long periods of time.. we are moving.. we are moving towards greater fulfillment… watching and rewarding the universe that is experiencing itself… providing opportunities that surround us… there is no limit to the opportunities…


Believing in the self is essential…


feeling good in your approach is a reminder… a simple calibration… your personal compass… be conscious of the direction that your ship is heading… you deserve to travel in the straightest line and learning to keep yourself laser-focused on this point is the most efficient way of creating more life, not just for yourself, but for all those around you as well.


We have to remind the world that we are love.


We have to love ourselves to be able to know what to say when the opportunity arises for us to speak of love. Learning to embrace our own dreams and goals will give permission to those around us to do the same.