Faith In More For All

This is my 500 for 3/8/2018

I’m learning… leaning in to the temporary defeats.. the temporary failures.. temporary setbacks.. I rely heavily on the universe to guide me with each renewed sense of purpose and calibration.


Picking strategies and baking in the ideas that have proven to work for me in the past regardless of the temptation to create an excuse to falter.


Easier paths reward no one.



Liking the exploration of the near-infinite… because I’ve been thinking about the universe and the clocks we created to help us recognize the time we consume… How is it that we are not alone… how is it that everything could have no end… but, alas, these are simple unanswered questions… simple unanswered distractions that stand in the way of accomplishing that which I have set out to do… an attention… a laser-focus on the vision that I contemplate in my leisure time is where my energy is most effectively put to work.

Watch the blinking city lights and the storms that race overhead disappear… fading into oblivion… to be repeated at the end of time an infinite number of times. So what. What good comes of these thoughts? My drive to understand my place compels these futile distractions and it is only through a relentless vision… a relentless personal vision that creates a life for all that I am able to feel greater fulfillment.


Be the thunderstorm that you are contemplating..


the single raindrop that begins the onslaught of water.. it only takes one hand to open the door.. we are all human… wandering blindly in a globe.. looking down to try to see our feet when, instead, we should be building ladders to open the door that reveals the heaven above. We are capable of nearly anything.. life is capable of near infinity… it keeps going, in theory…

We share in wonder at the geologic formations from the dawn of time… they have all been washed over many times… and we are glimpsing at the newest of the new.. the dust has been wiped away from the screen to reveal a fresh layer untouched by human eyes…

Eagerly practicing focus and dedication to the craft of discovery and exploration… asking about the layer that sleeps underneath… and the layer that sleeps underneath that layer… infinitely complex… driven for more… driven by greater expression… driven to obtain.


Remember to breathe…


We are looking to raise the water to discover what’s underneath when our bodies act as stones that are tossed into the deep when it comes time to let go.

The world will wash itself over again and again… wiping away the tears and the sorrow and the joys of yesterday before humans might discover the original purpose. Give up hope that the answers will be simple… give your hope towards the simple evolution of the self… the simple evolution… propelling the self towards answers that have yet to see the light.

I’m wondering if any of this makes sense. Most of it was handwritten today, in an attempt to jog my brain… to jostle some stuff loose… but I’m not sure that anything changed. What do you think? Did you notice a difference in my writing today now that you look at it compared to previous entries?

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my freewrites. They’re not that good, in my opinion… and on top of that, I want you to know that I recognize how valuable your time is… it is amazing to me that you would choose to spend some of it here.

Thank you.