Almost Just Philosophizing

This is my 500 for 3-6-2018

Being anxious is a sign of wasted energy.



We have to act in an efficient manner as much as possible.


When we create, we have the opportunity to create for all.. this is the highest level of possible creation.. it is creation that allows for growth in all.. it is a form of creation that doesn’t leave anyone behind.. it provides value in areas where value never existed previously.

We are surrounded by a limitless abundance.. it floats in the air we breathe.. and it penetrates the ground that we walk upon.

Our discoveries and explorations are there to propel us further in the hope that we recognize that we are one. One being. One energy. One love.

There is a need for the continued study in personal growth that is tied to the individual. It is work that is tested through the years.. work that is meant to challenge our beliefs and to ensure that we are on the correct path for the individual…


because we are meant to operate independently on a field that operates as one.


All of our actions are identical but the perception is that they are different. The perception is the universe learning about itself.. the universe is reading its own story for the first time.. embracing all of the twists and turns.. reflecting on itself the way a child recognizes him or herself in the mirror for the very first time.

We are connected by more than a shared experience.. by more than the playing field… we are connected by the energies and the frequencies and the vibrations… we are connected from one life to the next. It is possible that nothing ever dies.. and maybe that means that nothing ever lives.

Our interpretations of the perception of this reality is a narrative that we control. It is also something that has been evolving since the beginning… I forget what it once was.. because looking back on what we have yet to experience is like trying to recall a vague dream… or maybe more like trying to stare at the back of your head.

We are combined in our search for the infinite. Maybe it is more about the joy that we can experience in the process of the search for truth. Because we might not be any closer than we once were in the past.. and we may have looped back in on ourselves and our history.. repeating studies.. repeating events.. an endless loop… where something indescribable is changing.. yet, we strive to explain it.. to paint it.. to sing songs about it.. to lose and find ourselves once again in the depths of our sorrow and to find ourselves and then lose ourselves once again in the joy of the abundant world that surrounds us.

Well, I’m nearing the end of this strange post. And I’m not really sure I have come across anything new in my mind that I haven’t already touched on… but maybe that is ok.. maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to find a new approach or another way to express myself. I can only hope. And I can only have faith that it IS possible. And then act as if it is so.