This is my 500 for 12/31/2017

Sit and meditate. Listen to the wind the cuts through the fields.. patterns emerging in a rhythmic dance between the elements. We are building and destroying the life we see before us. All that we are is the same as all that was and all that will be.

Why are we searching for things that have already been found? Lacking simple recognition of the gratitude that binds us. We are in this together.. sitting on this beach… a pebble in the sand.. we toss and turn.. together. Connected through the elements… bound to the energy that we are and the energy that created us.


Why are we here?


Where are we going?


This is a special day because this moment is alive with potential. When we recognize the preciousness of the moments that are strung together, we take more time to enjoy the moment.. and stretch out the finite heart that bleeds for love… bleeds for connection.

We are breaking into new realms without thinking about the direction we wish to head.. so much talent is being thrown at the walls… and the doors are so ready to be opened. We enjoy this process of trial and error… seeing what works and then never bothering to investigate the reasons… so much knowledge can be gained by taking a look at the discoveries that have already been made… there is a rhyme.. a distant religion…


spirit between the dots that are begging to aid in the connection.


Maybe I am running out of ideas or this is where the freewrites have their limitations.. because I know, for sure, that many of the things that I have written here are repeats of thoughts and images that I have written about in the past… where does it all end… am I just writing these words along a Mobius strip.. there has to be something more… beyond my belief that we could be stuck in some sort of extravagant loop… an infinite cycle of birth, life, and death… maybe we are here to learn how to reverse the chain… maybe we are here to just enjoy the songs that are created along the way…

We strain for truth.. we strain for truth through our purpose… truth in what we feel in our hearts because we know of no other way. We can’t live to be alone in this world when we are here to be able to help our brothers and sisters… Live and love and laugh until you can’t open your eyes another day. We don’t have to hold the door for the wicked, but the wicked is just you in another life… so learn to understand this toxic beast.. if you are to ever fully understand yourself…

Why can’t this just come to a peaceful end… maybe there is something more in my meditation that I am missing… I have to learn to let go… to just breathe… to just carry on with my thoughts without fear or regret. Thank you for listening to me digest my spirit.