Getting to Know Myself

I’ve been trying to avoid this assignment.

I’m not really sure why. It’s as if I am afraid that I don’t have anything to say… or I fear that what I have to say is not interesting enough to post.


I am consumed by the pitfalls when I am lacking the proper sleep. I managed to stay up until 6AM playing Minecraft last night… And by “managed,” I mean to say that I barely even blinked and it was morning. It has been a few months since playing any video games. It was simply amazing. Playing on the Nintendo Switch is a lot of fun… and there is still something about the music composed by C418 that fits perfectly with the adventure/exploration experience.


I play it the way that I have played Breath of the Wild… in no rush to beat anything… enjoying the process… just getting lost in the game itself… the open world concept… something that really resonated with me in Ready Player One.


But I’ll have to wait until the movie is seen by the multitudes before I start digging into specifics.

When I do these posts, I try my best to link it up with a photo from the day. I have gotten into the habit of trying to grab a photo during the Golden Hour… sometimes it works well, other times the photo looks… normal. Photoshop helps me to bring out some of the colors that would otherwise be lost in the image but, for today, in particular, there wasn’t much I could do… the clouds were low hanging on the horizon and it blotted out most of the light and colors… it was still beautiful but probably not the type of WOW factor that turns heads.


Is that all I am aiming for?


I don’t think so. But I have to admit that it is, at least, part of my desires. I am grateful that I have the opportunity to create content that is seen and absorbed by people all over the world. The concept still blows my mind and it is extremely humbling. I am just one thinking person posting content that is accessible to anyone with access to the internet.

I’m glad that I finally sat down to do my freewrite. I can talk about anything but I fear that I’ll be rejected for being boring… but this is more about the process of becoming a better writer… and I recognize how important learning how to tell a good story is. This exercise is just one more step in the right direction… it is the next logical step for me to take and


the fact that it is still something that is discomforting is probably a sign that I am still growing from it.


When I get too comfortable, I will not be growing… and I will not be serving the world (or myself) to the best of my ability. I just have to keep going in the direction that I am. Remember to keep breathing. And thank you for reading!