Depth of Gratitude


The development of the mind, body, and soul is the very definition of our purpose.

We build around ourselves all the added layers of distractions and creative excuses because there is an innate threat that comes from development.


So much of our development is tied directly towards the active expansion of our comfort zones.

Learning to control my own thoughts, emotions, and reactions… clearing my head of the vague and misty fears that constantly attempt to sabotage personal progress.

I write about progress, personal fulfillment, and other similar concepts because they are currently what I am working to develop out right now as deeply as possible.

The book by Wallace Wattles entitled “The Science of Getting Rich” has been my constant guide and mental mouthpiece. I would highly recommend it. Because it was written so long ago, you’ll be able to find full audiobook copies of it all over the internet (check youtube and Spotify). Give it a shot and comment with your thoughts!!!

I am so grateful for the gift of the opportunity to develop out my personal thoughts and aspirations. I truly believe that there is an absolute abundance that surrounds us in all areas and aspects of life… the continual focus and visual development of the areas and aspects create and, ultimately, manifest themselves in life in greater and greater occurrences… the universe has reinforced this concept and continues to do so.


It is always in operation. It is always moving. All things.


We are building a future full of prosperity for the masses… development that is essential in the development of humanity.

The conversation may be a necessary first step… a communication starting point that lays out the most fundamental talking points and guidelines that connect us on the most basic scientific level.

It should be fun… the process of living larger than the space currently provided for you is the simplest first step I can think of that begins the process of living a larger life.

There is no point in arguing these things. Leading by example can be the only relied upon method despite anything other people might say.

We must learn to live larger… to do more… the be more… to see more… these are naturally intertwined with all humanity and, quite possibly, all living things.

See yourself where you want to be while holding a true gratitude where you are at this moment… operate from this place of gratitude… and work to extend the depth of your gratitude as far as possible to, ideally, include true feelings of gratitude for the things that have yet to manifest in your life.


Stay in this space.


It is more enjoyable if we can grow while utilizing this process together. My life will feel complete as a door is shown to others and I am able to help inspire the first steps. It just makes for a more interesting existence when we all learn to grow together.

What is a first step that you could take in life that would set you on the path to a more fulfilling life? Comment below.