Opportunities To Write

I feel so freaking grateful.

I need only to remind myself of all the things in my life that lift my spirit and the universe gifts me with more than I can imagine.


I remind myself that the process is a magical one but one that is not necessary to understand in order to get it to operate. A simple understanding that it operates is enough to begin the process and is the only essential aspect of the system required in becoming a master in manifesting.

I’m just really enjoying this learning process right now. Feeling grateful for the opportunities that have rolled along my way very recently… there is an increase… a building of the momentum that is becoming abundantly clear now… I must be in a groove and all I want to do is write about it here so that you are inspired to find it for yourself. It is possible.


And I aim to help others reach it by first reaching it myself.


We create as we walk along our path. The steps in front of us are rendered as we go along… there is some sense of faith that it will be rendered… and that there will be something there to support our feet when they land. Each time we place our foot on something we are unsure of and we find that the ground is stable and supportive, our faith in the process increases… and we take steps with greater and greater confidence.

An important tip that I have been working with in my mind lately is to hold on to certain goals and aspirations very closely and when they do not appear at a certain time or place as they may have been expected, continue right on with my faith… continuing my gratitude and recognizing that the temporary delay is nothing less than a purely miraculous gift… the universe reminding me that I have either not asked for enough or that there is something even better coming along the way into my life that would make the current perception failure appear as something that I didn’t really want in the first place.

I really hope this makes sense… I know that the above thought is really jumbled… it really was just a stream of consciousness regurgitated from the audiobook I am listening to by Wallace Wattles.


Remember to breathe.


Relax your shoulders… know that you are exactly where you are supposed to be right now… I have to remember to love myself… to respect myself and feel grateful for all of the incredible gifts that the universe has and continues to bestow upon me. There is an abundance of opportunity… and we have only to reach out hands out into the infinite substance… dipping our hands into a stream of pure creative energy… a purely infinite stream of constantly flowing energy… and to pull out our vision… knowing that what we think in relation to how we are feeling, will manifest itself in a single moment.

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