This is my 500 for 1/10/2018

We are back together. The keyboard holds my feet to the fire. I can’t stop no matter what.. my mind is racing for answers… feeling tempted with distractions. It is non-stop. What is it that I am supposed to be doing with my time? That has to be the most important question that I can answer for myself.


When I am laying there at the end of my years… looking back on a life of love and courage… I will enjoy the transition that much more. It might not be all the pleasant. Letting go never really is. We are here to naturally strive for more… to collect… to adhere to our own mental borders and beliefs.. developing out as we allow our minds to risk discomfort.


I believe the transition at the end of our lives is all about making sure we are in the right mindset.


Pain could very well be a part of this process. And that is ok. The fear that we create in our lives is something that we will usually never have to experience in our realities. The finality of death is the only fear that we will have to face that is unavoidable. We have to learn from our past to know what the future could be like.

Opening myself up to the process of learning about alternate realities. There are only a few thoughts and reflections that I have on the universe that surrounds me. We are all at the center. We control this reality like we control the breath. It flows naturally through us… consciously. We are surrounded by mirrors.. seeing an infinite number of alternative realities.. it is up to us to live the reality that we wish to see and experience. We control the stars.. we control the stars and the universe with our minds. Literally.. and figuratively.. we connect our souls with the stars and the space that surrounds us… we bend our time and space with the raw emotions that bubble up in our dreams and in our states of awareness. We can press and fight for love.. we can also push and hold on to fear.. both have the intended and unintended effects of attracting the pattern in the sky that will generate the reality that we are creating.


This is not a process that I am afraid of being a part of anymore.


This is a land where the water flows from the mountains and we are here to take what we need from the stream. I am the only one that can decide what is right for me and decide what reality I wish to create. The beauty in this universe is overwhelming. And the power and connection we share with it is misunderstood… undervalued… and underestimated. Pick your battles wisely… pick your path with conscious intent. Our time here may be limited to the shelf life of these fragile, fluid-filled shells but our thoughts actions and emotions pass from generation to generation… and out beyond the stars.