This is my 500 for 1/11/2018

Feel the shivers rolling down my spine. Finding a place of comfort.. a position in trust.. the best launching pad available. This is a temporary stop-over.. and I have to remember that comfort is only a break. A place to reset. A place to call home at the end of a long day.


The strangest things keep happening to me. I see more of the pattern in the world that surrounds me when I am at peace. I have to stay connected to the vibrations.. connected to the frequencies… connected to the energy. We are all connected.. and as I learn more and more about the tools and methods and traits that we share, I am opened to a world of potential.. A new home from which to communicate from.

I am asking that you leave the door open. I am asking that you stay and chat. Because this is the time that we have to cherish. This moment. Sacred through and through. Each moment is fleeting.. just as life is. Just as our fears are.. just as the past is. We become that which we think about the most. We become that which we feel.


Cherish every moment.


Cherish each and every thought that crosses your mind.. remaining grateful that you have control over the direction of your own reality… recognizing that each and every thought has been mixed into the spectrum to make you into the person that you are in this very moment.

Why do I continue down this path? Because it is something that continues to resonate with me. I guess I can’t go much deeper than that… knowing that this isn’t a mental exercise so much as it is an exercise in intuition.. trusting myself.. trusting that all will work out in the end… knowing that I am in control of the reality that I create. Each and every aspect.


We must remain in our practice. We must learn to sit and listen. To be still with our minds.. to be still with our thoughts.. to gracefully embrace the flow of the energy around us.. to know when to participate, when to contribute, when to remain still in the divinely linked pattern of chaos and beautiful structure.


We are linked to our destiny and practice free-will simultaneously without getting caught in diametrically opposed ideals and beliefs. They co-exist on a platform that we have yet to comprehend. They co-exist the same way that we live, surrounded by life and death.. both tied to the physical and the spiritual. Linked through love.

I only hope that I am able to continue my practice more. One day I will have to learn to let this go as well. My connection to this practice. My connection to development. There really is no end that I can see.. so I must create the ideal vision in my mind with the hope and faith that it is something that can be obtained. Time is here to work on your side… use it to your advantage.