This is my 500 for 1/12/2018

I have to get back to the process.. the process where I accept more risks that could help me in my own personal evolution… there is so much that I am ready to pursue that I am hesitating to approach because of my fear of rejection.



There is nothing to be gained from staying asleep. I must learn to conquer my the temptations in my life that seek to pull me into a world with one flavor. Entertaining my imagination is what keeps me alive.. it is what allows me to thrive. I exhaust myself in this reality to be able to live larger in my dreams. When there isn’t a thought left in my body, I will know that I am already dead.


Begging this mind for answers… begging my thoughts for the door. Now is not the time to run for the hills.. now is not the time to pull the plug.. I have to keep on walking.. a slow and steady pace up the face of this wall… we are together in this struggle.. we are one in this fight for mental immortality.

Paint yourself a picture.. of the world as you wish it were. Then return home to your ultimate vision.. waking up to the reality of the greatness that you are capable of. I don’t fully comprehend all that we are capable of because we haven’t even started to scratch the surface. But I can always return here for answers… I can always come here for another task.. something to put my mind to work.. something to soothe my soul.


Because I am one when I am working on a project that we all have to get done.


This is the time when I need to be more conscious of the thoughts that are roaming my mind. These are the times that I have to be more conscious of the love that spreads through the universe. I repeat so much of what I say.. and I do it to help me to remember.. I do it to reinforce that which I have already learned.. to remind myself that the foundation can still be moved.. and I have to be sure to support it with the right materials.. the right thoughts.. the right images.. the right vibrations.. the right motions… frequencies… and energy.


Love is energy.


All matter in the universe is energy. All matter is love. There is nothing bad or good. These are only labels that we attribute to things in an attempt to organize our realities so that it isn’t so frightening. But we oversimplify. We take this process a little too far. We are all in this together… with the eyes we have, we peer into the infinite.. it is up to us to keep up our focus.. it is up to us to practice a sustained concentration. We have to learn from what we have done… learn from the paths that have already been walked… the answers are here to connect us.. and we are always on both ends of the questions that we ask.