This is my 500 for 1/13/2018

How fast can I type.. how fast can the words pour out of my mind. Lost in this paper… forgetting the keys… I can’t see past my own fingertips when I am lost hiding in the trees. How about the people that are still struggling.. to find a place they love to call home.. I am not one of those that are foreign.. it isn’t fair that I should try to include myself in their discussion.. I am not at peace when the chains are left broken.. I am here as the weakest link.. allowed to break under the slightest scrutiny.


I have to give myself permission to fold.. know when to bend or break.. this is not the moment that I have been waiting for… but it is a part of the strip.. part of the echo… part of the loop of endless cycles. We rotate and tumble.. torn between worlds.. tumbling through an endless void that eats itself up from the inside.


We are a black hole.


A black hole that feeds us life and helps us to endure the darkness.. caught at the edge of infinity.. we exist on a fine place.. a subtle gap between realities.. the edge of the space and the beginning of the end.. I don’t know what we are doing here but we are capable of interpreting our own realities.. we have to bend back our mind to peer into our thoughts that permeate the space around us…

Learn to filter your thoughts… understand that there will be distractions.. there are few among us that know the way to a greater understanding.. and I’m not sure that the answer can be applied across all living things.. that is where we have difficulty..


a journey shared in the destination but not in the process of arrival.


What is it that I am looking for that I haven’t already found.. the empty void in my stomach that is crying out for attention… I love you and I won’t let you go… be careful to love your neighbor.. they need you now more than ever.. We need one another more now than ever before..


This is the beginning of a new time that we are capable of embracing. I don’t know what the answers are but I know that I have to ask myself the question.


I am so grateful for everything that has contributed to my life up until this point… I am grateful for everything that has contributed to my understanding of the universe… I am grateful for the light and the darkness that has been shredding my soul since the start… this bitter pull between light and dark is what gives me life… it is the inhale… the exhale… we have to continue with our breath.. return to the breath… and give thanks for the stillness and the peace that we find in the small moments that separate our understanding of the opposite sides … we are life and death… we are understanding and chaos..


there is a timeless beauty in the life that we choose to create.