This is my 500 for 1/15/2018

Don’t hurt.


It isn’t worth your time anymore.. it isn’t worth the pain.. you have to learn to let go.. learn to forgive.. there is so much that we can do to re-orient the tragedies of the past. Because we all share a common thread in pain.. I ache to share a common thread filled with an abundance of joy.. and it is only through continuous work.. continuous effort, that we are able to create a sustainable life of love.


The goal isn’t to be free of conflict..


for the conflict is what creates our edges.. it is what defines us and directs us towards our purpose.. facing the adversity is what orients us and shines a light on our deeper thoughts and emotions. We have to find a way to encourage personal growth.. there is so much that we are afraid of.. what we fear to even look at. There is so much in this world that is not as terrifying as the name we give it.. we make things out so much worse than they are… and, yes, we can make things out much greater than they appear as well.. finding that balance is a challenge.. a life of humble gratitude.. swarming with a controlled passion and determined focus.. how do we balance our grounded approach in life with the torment and temptation of the extremes and excess?

We have to walk down a path where we learn to fend off the radical thoughts…. Be more mindful of our approach.. learn to move and sway with the thoughts and opinions that are thrown at us… embrace the things that resonate… but always reach and challenge yourself to connect with people that do not share your ideals…


we have much to learn from everyone… much to learn from those that we disagree with.. much to learn in and about ourselves through the people that challenge our own ideals.


There isn’t an infinite amount of time to explore all options that exist… but there is just enough time to explore that which you are destined to investigate… open your eyes to the opinions of others with a balanced mindset.. know what you are being taken for a ride. Recognize that you can wield a power that must be respected… because we are not alone… we are all in this together.. we all share the ultimate vision… even if we don’t know it yet.

We have to strive to protect the weak.. to lift up those that have fallen… to give a voice to the silenced…


because we are that person.. we are one in the same and now is the time to respect ourselves.


Learn to practice respect.. regardless of your opinion about another person. They may be misguided.. they may be confused… they may be right… you have to travel to uncomfortable places to be able to expand your own comfort zone.. to feel comfortable anywhere is a gift that we can only give ourselves through a persistet practice of pressing through the discomfort.

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