This is my 500 for 1/17/2018

This is the time set aside for me to work on reaching you.. reaching out to myself. I am not sure where this is going.. so long as the fingers keep typing away and my mind continues down the river, all is part of the natural cycle of things.. the natural progression.. I only hope that I have chosen the right path forward.


There is a beginning, middle, and end. There are parts to this story that appear to be missing. We keep guessing where we have come from to better understand where we might be going. If all we know and all we have are each other, then we have only to look within.


The answers will come in time. The questions will be answered. Questions re-framed.. minds re-trained. I’m digging for the words to keep this journey moving. I’m scratching at the surface because I am too afraid to lift the hood.


Practice empathy. Practice compassion.


We must be at peace with ourselves to thrive in this world. Anything is possible. Anything is possible .. but we have to put in place a mechanism for the practice of dreaming to occur. We have to practice and play with the evolution of our intuition.. the dialogue.. the loudest voice.. the part of us that knows the answers before we ever open our mouths.. train the mind to come up with the answers faster than you can speak.. type type type.. this is all about cultivating the love we wish to see in the world..


this is all about the journey into the infinite.


There are few things in this world that press upon me the images that push me to want to neglect the self. There is an abundance of love.. it’s just that the negativity sometimes shines brighter for the days that we don’t feel connected to something.. as if the void of space has a sexy allure to it on the days that we prevent ourselves from opening up our eyes.

Learn to love yourself if you wish to love your neighbor. Be the brother of the sister. Be the mother of the father. Be kind and just. Practice practice practice.. just keep this process moving forward because I don’t know how else to proceed. We have to practice paying it forward.. we have to practice creating the world we wish to see.

Am I aching right now… I don’t think so.. there is a new process springing up.. fraught with meaningless dangers because the fears are all transparent.. there is nothing that can stop me when the end is so clear. The journey is something that I feel so grateful for.. this process is something that gives me the energy to thrive. I am grateful.. I am still hungry.. I am feeling a peace that I wish for others. I am feeling a connection that I would like to share.

These are mid-life humble beginning braggings. Maybe my own thoughts are still getting in the way.. I have to be clear with my intentions. I have to be clear that I don’t wish to get in your way. We have to act as links in the chain.. connected to others … be flexible.. be ready to lift in a pinch.. support those around you..


as you might wish to be supported… learn to pay it forward.. learn to pave the way.

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