This is my 500 for 1/19/2018

The clock is ticking… I feel the reassured by the self-imposed deadline.. it is looking.. and I am running short on time.


Pick up the pace.. pick up your thoughts and your energies. There is no time to waste in the jungle of the mind.. explore your purpose.. hunt it down and escape before you become trapped in your own distraction.


We are the ones that are carrying the torch.. we are the ones that are currently the protectors of this reality… the humans of today have a responsibility.. a responsibility to press forward.. to feed the hungry.. to keep the love alive in the universe.. because, who knows, maybe we are alone… maybe all that is and all that was really does exist on this planet.. the only species capable of contemplating our existence and reflecting on our own thoughts and behaviors in such a way as to have the opportunity to imagine the hypothetical… to be creative in our creativity.. to be creative in our destruction…


But that is unlikely..


imagine all that there is… imagine all the space that exists.. all of the void… all of the matter.. there is simply so much that it is too overwhelming for the human mind to comprehend right now…. We have to brace for an awakening.. or at least train our brains to contemplate the dawn of a new form of source energy.. one that connects us to a degree unlike any other we have ever experienced… these are the things that.. the thoughts that I kick around in my mind.. the words that stick out to me.. the emotions that I am trying to control keep bubbling up… manifesting themselves as sci-fi fantasy imagery.. controlled by no one.. controlling nothing but the direction of the rudder.. we have a responsibility… hold on to that torch and treat it with the utmost respect.. we are connected to our past lives… the universe is connected to its past lives..


there is an echo that lingers


Hints of another time… ancient in mind and soul.. that we have access to for answers… learning to be still in heart, soul, and mind is what opens up our third eye.. maybe I am just one for romanticizing the thoughts of another reality.. maybe I am just one… a link in the chain… but an awareness comes with such an opportunity to help… a responsibility to lift up those around you..


please don’t be shy about asking for help..


please learn to turn to your friends.. learn to turn to your family… learn to turn to the stranger with a smile… we can connect in an instant.. and this life is not much longer than that… we have this opportunity.. this blink in the cosmic scale.. to do something with our lives that will keep the torch burning brightly for our children… be the change you have always wished to see in the universe…. This is the only moment that matters.


Be yourself.. be glued to the infinite.