This is my 500 for 1/2/2018

The words start to flow… like a river to the ocean.. all natural.. folding to the gravitational waves of our destiny. We paint the future with our minds but allow the successes of the past dictate our future to the extent that we wish to remain on the path that we are already on.

These words must hurry.. this path begins to narrow… the focus and the determination are more important now than ever before… each search of focus is essential to the success of the following day.


We are building upon a foundation of light..


it can shift if we are not careful to ensure that it is properly reinforced and given routine maintenance.

Planning.. planning.. planning… spreading love through the process. We are nothing more than light… nothing less than the universe manifesting itself in a single thought. Where we go is our purpose… choosing is something that is unavoidable. A choice is made in the presence of the infinite with or without our conscious consent. It may not seem fair but that is just the way that the water flows down the side of the mountain. There is but one direction for the water to flow on its own… It always wants to flow down until it is ready to evaporate into the air once more.. recycled back into the sky to be rained down in the form of rain and snow.

We just have to learn to breathe more…


we just have to learn to spread love and joy the people around us…


to strangers… and to family… to friends and to enemies. We are in this together.. we have to start acting like this is something that is essential for our survival.. because I believe that we are approaching a time where this is actually true.

I may come across as dramatic… but these are just the thoughts and the images that flow through my mind while my fingers play catch-up with the pacing of the story in my head… slow.. breathe… it is ok to take your time.. the pace that I run.. the pace that I walk… it is all part of something greater… and


a relentless sprint will not serve me in the slightest…


I will burn out before I have a chance to open my mouth.


Eager to find a way.. a path with love.. to walk hand in hand with the people all around me. What is it that I am looking for… this is essential in my search.. I pray… I meditate… I contemplate the questions that I should be asking… the questions that I have to be asking… the questions that must be asked… because I am only interested in pursuing that which will help me become a better person… and leave the rest to fall away… like a shattering glass image of the self…. Cracking and shattering, falling of the body, into a fine cloud of dust… whisked away into the cosmos to be recycled by our sun… burnt and re-born. We are all in this together… we are all love.