This is my 500 for 1/3/2018


Which way is the wind blowing?


Reading the tea leaves and counting our blessings.. I am not alone in this process… and neither are you. When we are racing through the streets late at night, we become one… the heart of the city pulsating with energy.. we have only to tune our minds and attention to the frequencies of the beast that is shielded by concrete… a flower doesn’t ache to press through the crack in the pavement.. it grows… slowly pressing upwards each day.. it breaks free from the chains of its oppressors through a persistent, loving effort.. an effortless effort… not striving for growth… just being growth. It is a dance that has gone on since the start of life. The dance that we all partake in.. a beautiful, choreographed interaction between all living things.. striving for a perfect expression, we practice… over and over, we practice.. our fingers bleed and our hearts erupt… passing down the seeds of knowledge to those that are ready to take the reins.. ready to take the lead… ready to lead.


We are all in this together.


There are few things that resonate with me on a deeper level. Beautiful is the process that we find ourselves in while we struggle to attain that which is already in our hands. Why are we here if not to expect greatness from the self. We have raised our expectations… we have raised our hopes and dreams… we have raised ourselves to nearly unattainable levels… possible unrealistic at the core. But we see something in our process.. that crashing from the stars will still place us high up in the heavens… the problem is that we will never be satisfied with the course that we are on… we are expecting more than an ultimate glory.. we are hoping for a perfect utopia when we don’t really understand what that implies… or we don’t understand that a perfect utopia is not what we are looking for because there is more to life than one color.

What is it that I am scraping against… what is this friction that I find myself getting slowed down by…


learning to shed the layers that implicate my soul in trespasses of the self…


I am my own worst enemy.. we are our own worst enemies… we have to remember that we are all on the same team… we all have to remember that there are no teams… there are no divisions between us.. only those that we choose to create… and those that we choose to believe in.. we must stop supporting the divisions if we are to connect ourselves to something greater because I still understand that we are only as strong as the weakest link… together we are nothing if we treat our neighbor as such.

Such a long way to go… such a long way we’ve come.. I am hopeful for the future… let love in and hold the door…


let love in and pass the torch.


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