This is my 500 for 1/29/2018

I float from one small town to the next. Each hilltop tree-lined escape is swallowed by the fog at its feet.. and then it is time to move on. The larger the town, the longer the visit… and the more precarious the ascent and decent.

I am lost in the woods right now.. still looking for a break in the clouds. Still asking the questions that I think I am supposed to be asking. Where are we going together tonight?


We are not after the same things but we do share the need for food and shelter… we have to repaint our freedom in the sand each day… we watch as it washes away with the rising tide.. we are forced to return to the beach again… we have made it a ritual.


The stars are there to guide us home at the end of a long day..


the sun has settled behind the mountain and we return to our cabin in the woods.. smoke rising from the chimney.. a wolf howls off in the distance.. a single candle illuminates the table we sit at.. and behind us, the gentle fire dances… warming the room.

We are here to share our story.. to share our experiences.. to gain insight.. and to share wisdom.. to carefully motivate ourselves for another journey to the oceanfront in the morning..

The clouds begin to roll in.


Silently swallowing the shadows left behind by the full moon.


We pay no mind. Because we are safe in our base.. we are safe for the moment and this moment is all we have.


We are erased in our dreams..


all of our past lives erased and re-written… waking up to find another version of ourselves.. completely new.. completely remodeled.

We decide what we wish to hold on to from day to day..


there is so much beauty and so much good in this world that deserves our attention..


so much good and beauty in this world that deserves praise and remembrance. I am tasked with the responsibility of maintaining a mental state of gratitude.. not for others but for myself.. because that is the only way that I will ever be able to live larger than myself. That is the only way that I will ever feel free in this body.

I am typing away on a fresh keyboard.. the keys light up one step in front of my thoughts.. one step in front of my imagination.. it is as if the words are painting the road in front of me.. one letter at a time.. flaring up, in, and out of existence.. I have only to try my best to keep up.. I have to improve, I have to learn to begin to open my eyes to being more patient in the darkness.. and more agile and fast-paced in the light. There are risks that I am hesitant to take.. but that is part of this process and I have to learn to move forward when my deeper gut instinct is instructing me to make a move.


What move is your gut telling YOU to make?