This is my 500 for 12/24/2017

Clear my mind. Press forward through the discomfort. I might now know exactly how my life will turn out but I believe that I am on the path to manifest a reality with an abundance of love, hope and open and honest communication. It may be that I am an ideal seeking dreamer but I believe in something much greater than myself.. A larger purpose that I feel more and more connected to with each passing day.

I trust in this process and recognize that it is…


more about my contributions in life versus the collections


…that I acquire that allow the greatest sense of fulfillment to manifest itself.

And, as I have written about numerous times in the past, we are all on our own paths.. we are all moving down a road in solo fashion.. often crossing paths.. and maybe even often sharing a similar trajectory, but we walk forward with our own path in mind.. we create a world in our minds that paints our realities and molds our future.


Gratitude. Gratitude. Gratitude.


I have to remember to take my steps, no matter how small.. no matter how trivial they may appear to someone else..


this is a game where momentum is king


and it is only through persistent, sustained effort that we are in the best possible position to break down barriers and blast through discomfort.

I am so grateful that I am living in a reality where I can write like this.. I can investigate my own thoughts.. I can question my motives and align myself in any direction I wish. 

Learning to think for myself.. strict about the sources of information where I consume my media.. questioning everything along the way.. even the things that resonate with me. This is an exercise in the self-discovery.. a journey to the center of myself.. peeling back layer after layer.. surprised at the resistance that I come across.. optimistic that I have permission to press forward through the more murky aspects of my own personality. I have to do this for myself and in so doing, I may, possibly, have more opportunities to open more love for the people around me.

I have to stay disciplined in my approach.. I have to keep consuming books.. digging for answers.. producing content.. and giving thanks for this very moment.. it is simple and terrifying.. laying my head down on my pillow at the end of the day and sinking into the deepest dream of dreams states in what feels like an instant.


I am so grateful for the spectrum that binds us.


If I ever feel trapped it is because it is something that I wish to experience. That is still something that is incredibly hard for me to process.. it is the expression of my self-destructive tendencies to want something from the external world that can only be generated from within. Exercising patience in these situations is probably the most compassionate approach that I can offer myself at this point. Exercising patience and gratitude… compassion and relentless persistence.

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