This is my 500 for 12/28/2017

Time is a human construct. But there is something that eludes my understanding.. what can better explain the decay… or growth… development… changes… and evolution… maybe our interpretation of time is something that we are simply using to explain our own interpretation of reality. The universe may be the manifestation of everything that was, is and will be in the blink of an eye… but time warps as gravity comes into play… as size comes into play…


an interpretation and application of the concept of time becomes a structure that helps us to organize and understand the changes we see in our environment..


But what is time… I don’t know… I mean, I know what it is but I am curious about the human understanding and interpretation of the passage of time… it only moves forward… it has to happen no matter what… our only escaping it would be in the experiencing of physics that would challenge our physical bodies beyond current comprehension…

But there is something deeper here… I fear that I have, for too long, been confined to thinking about the goals and aspirations of an 80-year window. Ambitious and yet not ambitious enough. I fear that I have lacked in my ability to think beyond my life… to open up my heart and mind to the world that we are creating for future generations… and the interplanetary society that we must strive for as well. I romanticize it in my mind because I don’t know of any other way to communicate it to my spirit. It is something that connects with me on a deeper level because I am hopeful for the longevity of the human spirit but I am also fearful of the pre-emptive extinguishing through ineptitude or carelessness.

I would ask myself in the past about the personal benefits associated with thinking beyond my existence on the planet… and it was easy for me to flip that switch off. I felt cold as a result. Recognizing that I am on this earth for a cosmic blip in time (back to time!)…. And only recently have I begun to recognize the imperativeness of connecting to a larger picture in the universe… one that extends beyond the physical existence of the self on this planet… I may not be here to enjoy many of the fruits of our fantastic visions that are already in motion but I guarantee you that I have been feeling more connected to the universe than any other time in the past. For me, it has been an eye-opener… the recognition that this life is what we are able to contribute has been the ultimate smack in the face with a wet washcloth.

I grieve for the lost time spent admiring material collection and personal greed.. but I am careful to recognize that it was a necessary stepping stone for me to arrive at this point..

I asked for a lot as a child… and never stopped asking.. and will continue to ask for greater and greater experiences… the only difference now is that I am seeking experiences as part of a larger purpose that resonates with my soul and I feel ever-more intertwined with the universe and feel the fleeting nature and preciousness of time itself.

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