This is my 500 for 2/15/2018

There is no limit other than the one we give ourselves..

there is no limit to the combination of notes and patterns that can be played… new sounds and instruments can be created as there is an endless combination of particle organization.

We play a part in the pattern of life… the rhythm that binds us.. we just have to have the courage to look past the answers based on fear… the answers based on lack.. because we are surrounded by an absolute abundance of love… and when we put our heads together,


we can think up the unimaginable.


This is the story of how I met myself. Brought here through the will of the universe, like you. Willed into this existence… light bursting from the shadow.. and the clocks remind us that the wind is pushing us back out to sea.. to be reclaimed… just as the tides of the oceans flow… in and out.. we are just the same..


There is a beauty in recognizing that we are connected..


drawing it out.. painting it in our poetry and in our visions… the light and the darkness playing off one another… because one cannot exist without the other.. there is no absence of love in this existence… it is often easy for us to forget that.. it is often easy for me to forget that.

Racing thoughts… tucking my head down .. leaning into the corner… taking the turns at top speed.. unable to glance around or think about any distractions.. absolute focus is required.. and this focus is what will bring me through the finish line.. reminding myself that it is all about living with grace… and one day, hopefully far from now, dying with honor, integrity, and dignity..

Looping back in on myself.. looping back in on you.. I have to release my thoughts and the desire that I have to create something that is temporary.. the focus should be on the creation of my ultimate self.. the cultivation of the love that helps me to generate more love.. and cultivating the sense of fulfillment that I must recognize… is available to me when I am ready to reach out a hand.. to hold it because it is already here… just waiting for me to acknowledge its existence.


Where I go from here is always in my control.


Where you go is always under your control.. we hope and pray to grow together.. and it will be so.. we hope and pray that we may become a tree of life.. spreading inspiration and positivity to the branches below.. we are in this for the long haul.. we are here to create something larger than ourselves.. find what it is for you and embrace it now… there is so much that you don’t have to worry about anymore… because the answers will present themselves naturally when you are ready to listen.. have faith that the process will unfold in ways that you can only begin to comprehend. Thank you for tuning in today.

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