This is my 500 for 2/26/2018

It’s not like I actually understand what is going on.


But that doesn’t mean that I won’t speak my mind or at least make the attempt. When I find myself in a better mood than normal, I know that I can trust my gut more than normal. The exact same goes for just the opposite.


I am a vessel that is in tune with my mind when I am feeling good. There isn’t anything that crazy about the concept… but it is a radical thought when you consider all of the things that it implies.

I am lost in the world when I am wandering for an answer… but that is also how I know that I have found something that rings true… it is how I know that I have been found in my mind because I am able to establish a connection that never existed. And I am at peace. At least for awhile. Bent on the search. Bent on the search for something greater than myself that I am a part of… something that I am contributing towards… helping to improve… drawing attention to the need for progress in areas where we often don’t even notice that progress is necessary… or that it is needed.

There is a discussion that needs to take place… a serious little chat..


we are only at our best when we acknowledge what we are capable of at our worst…


it is what will connect us… it is what will humanize us… all the little animals roaming the planet… learning to respect the dirt.. the lowest of the low… to express love and compassion through the horror.. because it will give us hope.. hope for a greater future.. hope for a future where we preach love and acceptance…


People like to joke about the paradox of tolerance…


it isn’t as complex as we have to make it… it just has to acknowledge that there is a certain degree of intolerance for people that are intolerant… you can cry slippery slope but that’s all a bullshit distraction.. a changing of the subject,… we don’t even have to respect alternative views if we don’t want to … we just have to learn to know when to draw the line.. and it is ever changing.. it takes a conversation…


are you preventing someone from practicing their own belief?


The lines are not as blurred as we might claim. Maybe we just use the “blurred lines” discussion because it is easier than digging deeper into the issues… enough of the distractions… enough of the whatabouts… derailing rational, coherent mindsets.. we have to stand guard… arm ourselves with the tools that recognize the bullshit on any side it may crop up in.

Having the faith that we are capable of doing this is an imperative..


we have to normalize normal behavior.


A radical concept. But one that will ensure that we are able to survive this generation. We have to learn to plug ourselves into the discussion while maintaining a clear mind.What are some things that you think we need to work on as a whole? Your likes, comments, and shares are always appreciated… and it gives me the confidence to keep writing. Thank you! You are appreciated.

2 thoughts on “This is my 500 for 2/26/2018

  1. Mental states have an interesting impact on life. I tend to realize my happiness correlates to needing less sleep and understanding what I can do too.

    I also connected with the slippery slope concept relating it to the “stand for something or fall for anything” line.

    The blurred line concept here made me think that blurred lines might not be blurred but your line running next the line of someone close to you. You care about them and respect their life enough to let your line bleed into theirs and vice versa.

    I think overall we need to work at understanding ourselves while respecting other people so we may have a true dialogue and make a collaborative effort to make this world and maybe mars a better place. Whether it’s working together on tech, political things, cleaning the environment, or just coming up with ways to converse with one another.

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