This is my 500 for 2/8/2018

We are just starting to recognize that we have so much to learn from nature… the bird that breaks the headwind and sends back the benefits to all those that follow.

Where have we been that we haven’t been before… or where have we been that is the same? We are in this for the long haul… we are in this for the magic… to prove that we are more than just bodies of flesh… atoms slammed together and chemicals combustions…


We practice living in our dreams.. we forget how to love in our nightmares… there has to be a better way to connect with our fellow human… there has to be a better way to communicate. Because we are only here for so long.. and is future is far from guaranteed… in fact, it is being bombarded with distractions… tricked and trapped away from our senses.

This is not the first time that I will walk down this alley… and it won’t be the last… I am wandering in a dimly lit city.. set on making it more than just a survival thing.. this is a life that we have to embrace.. a world where we hug the vulnerabilities.. protecting the innocent and encouraging the courageous.. we can be brave…


keep that switch turned on and watch your world appear.


The candle has already been lit by the people that have come before us. So much to learn from our history.. so much to learn from each other.. we trend along the same patterns.. we rhyme along the same waves… we tune into the frequencies and the behaviors that we don’t even consciously recognize because it is simply something that we have been trained to do.. trained by others and then reinforced by ourselves… which, is also something that we have been trained to do.

The is not an infinite loop… there is a finality to this universe.. there is a place where it all began… and there will be a place where it will all end.. hopefully, one day far in the future. The sun will go out.. and it will swallow the solar system.. leaving us shrouded in darkness after one last gasp.. we are baking in the sun today.. lightly toasting our sides and enjoying its benefits..


the benefit of the opportunity to learn how to thrive.


Master the way of repeated mistakes… learning to master familiarity with discomfort.. living with the mysteries that befall the world.. this is a time that we have to hold on to.. because it is all we have…

There are so many other things out there that deserve our thanks and praise.. take the step to draw attention… draw attention towards that which you love.. we are all linked in this energy.. our praise is multiplied when we take a chance… and we risk embarrassment.. be genuine.. be authentic in your approach.. there is so much we have to learn.. and there will be more doors that will be visible to us once we break through this temporary bottleneck.

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